Cineflex® ELITE

Stabilized Super 35 Format High-Definition Camera System
Developed with close collaboration between cinematographers and General Dynamics’ design engineers, the Cineflex ELITE combines the latest in image quality with a design that ensures quick, affordable transport and easy rigging onto a wide variety of mobile platforms. The Cineflex ELITE integrates the proven 5-axis stability of our Cineflex camera systems with state of the art Canon Premier® lenses and the award winning ARRI Alexa® camera, to take Super 35 format production to new places.

Aerial Camera Works CINEFLEX ELITE


Data+ is an elective upgrade to the Cineflex® ELITE that helps streamline and simplify the post-production process through seamless integration of Super 35 Format video with computer-generated imagery (CGI). By layering synchronous system-specific metadata onto pure Cineflex video, Data+ provides animators valuable insight and allows them to orient CGI objects to the camera’s perspective. This enhancement provides the operator with full situational awareness by layering system metadata onto the Cineflex video display. The Data+ operator display allows cinematographers to precisely plan and execute their shots.

  • High-Definition Super 35 Format Imagery
  • Compact Size and Weight
  • 5 Axis Gimbal Assembly for unmatched Stability
  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • DSP-73 Licenses

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