Locate the Right Camera and Mount For Your Job

Airplane or Helicopter? Rock Solid or In The Action? Film or Video?
Whatever your shoot calls for, we know what you need to make it happen.


Traveling with Equipment

Getting a camera package and mount to a location outside of the US can be a daunting task. Especially considering some of the equipment we use incorporates classified missile technology. Luckily, we know what it takes to get camera equipment anywhere in the world at the lowest cost to you.


Helicopter LocationLeo-holds-helicopter

Know the difference between an A-Star and a BoCow?
If so, you probably don’t need our help with this.
If not, let us do the footwork to locate the right helicopter and pilot in your location.


Camera and Mount Operator

Some people use canvas; these guys prefer film & tape stock or now Solid State.
The point is, they’re artists.


Mount Technician

We strongly advise having a technician on every job.
They’ll take care of mount installation and camera setup so the operator can focus on getting you the shots you want.


Video Transmission Technician

Because we can’t all cram inside the chopper.


Full Service Aerial Production

From airfare and hotels, to permits and per diem, our producers can take care of it all.
Just tell us what you want to shoot and we will be happy to send you a bid.


Leo-tamargo aerial cinematographer